A recent article in the Forest Park Review describes a budget shortfall in the 2017 fiscal year beginning May 1st. In an effort to more easily digest the village finances from a high level, The FPAC has developed these graphical representations of village revenue, expenses, and budgeted revenue and expenses vs. actual. This data is pulled from the 2016 Annual Audit. Note that the totals shown do not reflect transfers from various funds, and the overall financial standing of the village is well summarized in the audit highlights on page 4.

In the charts below this data is presented in a few ways and is best viewed on a desktop, though limited mobile versions are linked below.

  • The first chart breaks revenue and expenses down into high level categories.
  • The second chart displays each top level category initially and then will break it down further into sub-categories by clicking the ‘+’ near the top left. These bar charts place the budgeted amounts with a black line and the actual amounts are displayed by the size of the bar. If a bar is orange, that indicates the actual amount collected/spent was less than budgeted amount. If a bar is blue that indicates the actual amount collected/spent exceeded the budgeted. The darker the color, the larger the gap between actual and budgeted.

Please leave a note in the comments if you have any trouble with the visualizations.

Mobile Links: Chart 1, Chart 2 (limited features)