Late last week we presented a few graphics depicting village revenue and expense at a high level. Now, in order to dig a little deeper the FPAC has worked to develop these graphical representations of village expenses broken down by vendor. This data is pulled from records obtained from a FOIA Request of the detailed monthly village bills for FY 2016.

In the charts below this data is presented in a few ways and is best viewed on a desktop, though limited mobile versions are linked below.

  • The first chart shows a graphical representation depicting the relative sizes of expenditures by the village. Clicking on each bubble will display what areas of village government contribute to the total expenditure.
  • The second chart displays each vendor with the total amount they were paid. This list can be filtered by payee and by total.

Please leave a note in the comments if you have any trouble with the visualizations or wish to discuss more.

Mobile Links: Chart 1, Chart 2 (limited features)