largeseal-ss1Here are some rough notes on the Proviso High School District 209 Board meeting from 8/8/2017 It’s more of a transcription than summary.

A link to the video is here.

A link to the agenda is here.

The video started before the board went into executive session, so the main public part starts at about time-stamp 1 hour 30 minutes. This is more of a paraphrased transcript than a summary. Time-stamps are included in the notes so you can scroll to the place in the video if you want to drill down when/if the notes are not clear. Here’s a pro-tip — with YouTube, under settings, you can speed up the video play to 1.25x or 1.5x normal speed.

Citizen Comments


Maggie Riley

Pres. Prov. Teachers’ Unions concerns.

Teachers not paid timely manner, ongoing issue.

Specifically college tour from June 9th.


Shevon Henry(sp)

Talked to Previous Board, was holding down job as special ed.

some employment issues, related to working under director(?)


Catherine Sorenson

Urges getting kids up to reading and math level.


Jeremy Horn


Domenic Jeter

Says that counselors are saying if ACT not good enough or GPA then

won’t go to college. Says needs more help to kids to work on getting college

applications and scholarships. Talks about specific scholarship.

Pres Kelly asks how much money was awarded in scholarships

answers: Hardy East $8+M, PMSA ~12M, West $12.5M

President’s Report


parent coordinators,

prov. East

competency based pilot prog.

2nd phase college and career readiness academies

Parent Forum, 6pm Aug 16 Prov East and West.

info for parents

Board members will have new committee assignments.

Superintendent’s Report


Architects Report 7-10 months Timeline

3 sections

  1. Existing conditions
  2. 10 year Health Life Safety
  3. facility master plans

Current conditions: walked the buildings

documentation before getting into it

10 yr required by state of IL

facility master plan, road map. Ensure that Education mission supported by building, strategic financial decisions.


-Sept current conditions

10 yr until nov

fac plan wrap in may 2018

Valtierrez mentions Nice Gantt Chart []

Of course he does. (He was finishing his Master’s Degree from IIT during the campaign)

Architects offer to work with Students, and will come out and talk in classrooms

Pretty Huge


IB Program

expand to IBCC, current only 11 12th grades

IB coordinator Rebecca Tanaka(?)

IB students will get diploma if pass rest of assessments.

Also a careers path.

mentorship program coordination

pre-ib program

9th-10, also for 6-7-8th grades

applying for these(middle year and careers path),

due in April.

Rodriguez: No extra costs because already doing career path,

but integrate with IB Career Path. Still early days meeting with foundation districts.

Patterson: Make sure across the district.


Howard: Algebra pilot program in foundation schools, pilot program with middle schools

Lindop/East joint program. (5 students)

Equity and market share, improve relationships with foundation schools.

Jackson: pres of Lindop

Patterson: asks reason did not reach out to other foundation schools?

Hardy: pilot, technical issues,e.g. food, transportation, uniforms,

get them worked out, (and that was short subset of issues) then expand.

Rodriguez: started process in Oct, so these things take time.


Howard: Update on Strategic Initiatives, aligned with board goals

alt. learning opportunities program

cred diff


  1. +

Johnson (dream program? and sr. +)

  1. personalized learn
  2. id students
  3. training
  4. tech

What has been done:

furniture in alt. learning centers

some abatement

partners with west 40

extended hours for parents


each room 25 students, max capacity 100

prioritized credit gaps, ombudsman program is integrated in, so using existing resources.

Medina: capacity question


Family involvement: Parent coordinators, 2 hires, in Forest Park Review article.

also getting the rooms ready for this, computers, new rooms

Uses nationally recognized, research based methods.


Rodriguez stresses transparency and accountability to board: funding, timeline, allocation, plan for parental involvement.

attendance liaison. make sure parents are partners, not consumers.

Alexander acknowledges Johnson’s years of work on parent/community involvement.

Patterson: these resources are for parents, not taking away from other programs.


Strategic Initiative: HR and tech. Avant-Bey equitable access to tech

for students, staff. Upgrades.

Infrastructure to schools, east has started (100 yr old building, but apparently going well)

East first, then pmsa(some done over summer), then west.

Teacher and admin devices, started to be distributed. Also providing support and prof. Dev.

Microsoft doing some training before inst. Day, also after inst. Day.

Courses for free, or people from proviso community, can take courses at MS (pretty huge?)

Upgrades to websites, rfp to be released in Aug.

Rodriguez — want online registration (says this is pretty common we should have it)

Avant Bey — teachers should have ability to make websites.

Kelly Question — can’t our office do it.

Avant Bey — need branding, so needs some skilled web dev.

Estimates are $50k

Valtierrez  question, answer– 285 teachers, how many computers. Desktops between 8-10 years old. Plan — Laptops with docking station and monitor.

Medina — what about grants with MS or google? Westchester did something like this. Answer: have been in convo with MS. Not aware of grants of equipment.


Rodriguez: Draft of facilities rental contract(this is if outside groups want to use facilities). Draft based on feedback with various parties. Echols will go over it. But basically an inside form, and then outside form, with 2 classes. Will have action item next time.

Class I — non-profits no facility rental but may have to pay security, … Class II —  non-profit or profit, do pay rental. Proof of insurance. Can cater food, but if need to use kitchen or cooler. needs to go through firm that runs the kitchens — [Drafal] depends on health license (entity that is responsible for the sanitation certificate wants to control access to kitchen — makes sense)

Valtierrez — fairness of access Rodriguez — we don’t want to enable ‘monopolies’

Finance report


FY17 will end positive

Grant report schedule.

Tentative schedule for FY18

Operational Expenditures — positive position,

Assumptions/forecasts based on Senate Bill 1 (state aid)

Final presented in Sept.

FY18 — governor’s amendatory veto has negative impact for us.

Related to TIF calculations. 5% of property tax base is TIF which

we won’t have access to. Relatively big compared to other districts statewide.

And bigger impact for foundation districts.

Tech budget needs looking at.

FOIA Report


Consent Agenda


Della Patterson

  • 12a1
  • 12b
  • 12e
  • 12b2b
  • 13


Vote on consent agenda

Rodriguez – recognize new staff just hired by consent agenda.


12a1 — Patterson objects to approval of minutes when she was not

A member. Wagner says his research (admittedly ‘on the internet’) says this is standard for elected boards to approve minutes after elections.

Patterson, Valtierrez vote nay

12.2b Patterson — how can keep salary with less duties.

Alexander — ay

Grant abstain

Medina ay

Valtierrez abstain.

Rest ay

nay patterson and grant (have to double check this)

Motion passes.


12.e contracts and bids, classroom furniture

Midwest Interiors, Warehouse Direct, some confusion.

Alexander just wants to know what companies own what others

so it’s not confusing.

Valtierrez — again why the rush, when was it put out?

Drafal — East did the work some time ago.

Dr. Hardy — board was informed, part of transformation plan, pilot from state,

In 1-on-1 discussions last month. 16 classrooms, competency based model. Board was made aware that furniture wasn’t going to be available on Aug 17. Swapped

In during school year.

Wagner, Medina praise the furniture and the program it is for.


Rodriguez goes over timeline.



Item 13.

Why pulled from consent agenda?

Original bid had 2 family specialists, but we hired coordinators, so amount adjusted.

Vote, approved.

Item 14. No discussion

Old Business


Medina — Kudos to track team, jr. olympics some won. Broke records.

Good summer school, better than before.


Patterson 2016 bills that we are voting on.

Wagner — thanks summer school.


New Business.

Info item coming up.

Valtierrez — Need to talk about registration experience.

Grant — Taste of Bellwood, had a 209 table, met community members. Propose going to Taste of Forest Park.

Rodriguez. Board organized in 2 days stepped up to have a table, offers kudos to board.

Kelly announces Committees chairs. More details and packets with duties coming shortly.

Student Achievement/School Inov — Medina

Finance — Grant

Policy and governance — Wagner

Parent/Community — Alexander

Student Services/Personnel — Kelly

Facilities Fleet Management- Valtierrez

Ed reg/Leg — Patterson

Dupage West Cook — Patterson

Nat School Board Ass — Kelly

PAEC — Wagner

IL Ass SB — Valtierrez

Patterson — Commends Echols on filling large number of vacancies (45) since last year.

Rodriguez — Facilities master plan needs a steering committee.