Why Live Stream?

As many of you may have seen on a few local Facebook groups, I have started live streaming many of the meetings I attend.  This is a great way to help get the word out, allow others to keep up to date, provide a public record of the event, and keep people accountable.  Often meeting minutes are very brief and only contain a short description of the topic at hand.  Obviously a video posted publicly allows for a more in depth understanding from those who are unable to attend the meeting.

A live video is even better!  It opens the door for instant commentary, documents time stamps of comments for use in later viewing, it eliminates the need to copy to your computer, edit, and upload the video, and you probably already have the capability on your smart phone!

Here I will walk you through the steps required to start your first Live Stream, will provide a layperson’s explanation of your right to record, and give an overview of the optional equipment I use to improve the quality of the stream.

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