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10/5/2017 Forest Park Budget Meeting – Revenue

On October 5th, 2017 the Forest Park Village Council and staff met to discuss revenue increasing options for the village to help bridge the budget shortfall which is currently said to be around $1 million after a round of budget cuts. The previous budget cut meeting did not contain $600k in cuts from the original $1.6 million shortfall, but it has been reported that the shortfall has fallen to $1.2 million and now $1 million in the time since that workshop.

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Forest Park Vendors: Where our $’s are Spent

Late last week we presented a few graphics depicting village revenue and expense at a high level. Now, in order to dig a little deeper the FPAC has worked to develop these graphical representations of village expenses broken down by vendor. This data is pulled from records obtained from a FOIA Request of the detailed monthly village bills for FY 2016.

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An Overview of Forest Park 2016 Finances

 A recent article in the Forest Park Review describes a budget shortfall in the 2017 fiscal year beginning May 1st. In an effort to more easily digest the village finances from a high level, The FPAC has developed these graphical representations of village revenue, expenses, and budgeted revenue and expenses vs. actual. This data is pulled from the 2016 Annual Audit. Note that the totals shown do not reflect transfers from various funds, and the overall financial standing of the village is well summarized in the audit highlights on page 4.

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Review: Ezra and Mike: Facing Racial Tension in Forest Park (Advanced Screening)

“Ezra and Mike” is a short (22 minute) and honest film about the racial hostility experienced by the first black family to move to Forest Park, and the one neighbor—Mike Chiapetta- who came to their aid. While the film is short, it took a concerted, even heroic effort by John Rice to get it made—and six years of his life to research the story, film the interviews and get them edited. The film previewed at Slainte on Saturday July 29. While it would be unfair to fully review a work-in-progress, it is more than fair to congratulate John on documenting a hidden chapter in Forest Park history, and to urge Forest Parkers to see the film the next time it is shown. It is eye-opening.

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Forest Park Mayor Calderone’s Liquor Code Voting Record


On 10/25/16 the Forest Park Review article “Council approves video gaming” writes

He [Mayor Calderone] later explained that he felt it was in his best interest to abstain since he also serves as the village liquor control commissioner.

Here is his voting record on items regarding Title 3 Chapter 3, the Liquor Control section, since 2012.  Some were contentious (e.g. 10/24/16, 4/9/12); some were not.

Date Item Description Vote
10/24/16 Video Gaming Abstain
09/12/16 License Fees and Number (10) Aye
09/12/16 License Fees and Number (11) Aye
11/09/15 Certified Liquor Servers Aye
09/14/15 Off-Site Caterer Aye
11/24/14 Brew Pub Aye
09/23/13 Closing Hours for B1 Liquor Aye
01/14/13 Scratch Kitchen Aye
12/17/12 Increasing Class A Licenses Aye
04/09/12 Create Class A License Aye
03/26/12 Increase Class A2 License (Amelia’s) Aye
03/12/12 Increase Class A3 License (Saigon Pho & Café) Aye

[OPINION] Forest Park Village Council Approves Video Gaming


The live streamed video can be viewed on our facebook page here.

After several public comments against and one comment for (apparently the bar owners didn’t feel a need to sway any votes at this point.  The council proceeded eventually to the ordinance item on the agenda to allow video gaming in Forest Park.  After comments from all the commissioners, the votes were aye except for the mayor abstaining.

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