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10/5/2017 Forest Park Budget Meeting – Revenue

On October 5th, 2017 the Forest Park Village Council and staff met to discuss revenue increasing options for the village to help bridge the budget shortfall which is currently said to be around $1 million after a round of budget cuts. The previous budget cut meeting did not contain $600k in cuts from the original $1.6 million shortfall, but it has been reported that the shortfall has fallen to $1.2 million and now $1 million in the time since that workshop.

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[OPINION] Forest Park Village Council Approves Video Gaming


The live streamed video can be viewed on our facebook page here.

After several public comments against and one comment for (apparently the bar owners didn’t feel a need to sway any votes at this point.  The council proceeded eventually to the ordinance item on the agenda to allow video gaming in Forest Park.  After comments from all the commissioners, the votes were aye except for the mayor abstaining.

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